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The Story Behind My Hummingbird Photographs

After many years of attempting to photograph these hummingbirds hovering over the window feeder, I decided to create the conditions to encourage them to hover longer.  I accomplished this one day by cutting some fresh foxglove flowers from my yard (their favorite place besides the sugar feeder) and placing a 3 inch stem, with flowers on the end, into the 2 ports of my window feeder. I was pleasantly surprised how well it worked.  They were unable to fit their beaks into the port so they hovered much longer!  I learned exactly how they would position themselves while pondering their dilemma so I was always ready for them at the right moment.  It was tricky to aim without jerking my camera because if they saw me, they would fly away.  Their antics for trying to jockey around, above, below and sideways of the flower stems was thoroughly entertaining.  I captured a lot of these moments.  One male Anna was so frustrated, I actually watched him “body slam” the flowers to attempt to get them out of his way!  I was laughing out loud!  FYI:  I always removed the flower stems after a few shots so my little friends could come back to refresh themselves.

Scatter Joy!

Microsoft Personalization Gallery used my hummingbird photos for one of their desktop themes. 
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